How do I get out of the ugly dating stage?

In most cases, awkwardness in a new relationship is a normal part of the pre-commitment stage. But, there are a few things that can make it even worse.

Almost every relationship expert I spoke to agreed on one thing: Awkward moments are usually your fault. Here’s how you can avoid them.

1. Talk about your expectations

Getting out of this awkward dating stage starts with talking about your expectations. It is so much better to have this conversation early on and be clear about what you are looking for in your relationship than to wait until it’s too late only to find out that you and your date are on completely different pages.

For example, you may be expecting a long-term commitment from your partner but they are only interested in casual hookups. This can create a lot of tension and stress in the relationship. By having this conversation, you can be clear about what your expectations are and determine if they are reasonable.

It’s also important to talk about your expectations in terms of how they relate to other aspects of your life. For example, you may have certain expectations when it comes to your work or family that could conflict with your partner’s goals and values. By discussing your expectations, you can be more realistic about what is possible in the relationship.

2. Be honest with each other

When it comes to dating, honesty is key. It can be difficult to be honest all the time, especially if you’re feeling insecure or uncomfortable. But it’s important to communicate openly with your partner about what you are experiencing so that they can understand where you are coming from and help you overcome the awkward stage.

Being honest can also prevent mistrust and resentment in your relationship. It’s better to be upfront about your feelings than to lie and pretend everything is okay. For example, if you are looking for a romantic comedy and your date chooses an action-packed Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, be honest and say that you’re not interested in seeing that film.

Lastly, be honest with your partner about what you are expecting from the relationship. It’s important to set clear boundaries so that both of you can be happy and successful in your dating experience. This includes discussing expectations early on and agreeing to spend time apart when necessary.

3. Spend more time together

When it comes to dating, the more time you spend together, the more comfortable you will feel. Try double dates, sleepovers or even just spending a few extra hours on the phone chatting.

This can help break the awkward silences that are so common on dates. It’s also a great way to get to know him better, and it can help you build trust.

If you’re a person who blanks out when talking to people on dates, try planning ahead by making a list of things to talk about. This will give you a variety of topics to choose from and can help alleviate the stress of not knowing what to say.

If you’re nervous about showing physical affection on a date, try doing something that involves a group of people like a hike or rollerblading. Or, you could do something more intimate, like cuddling or holding hands on a date. Try to find something that’s unique and fun to you both.

4. Be patient

When it comes to dating, patience is key. Waiting for things to happen at a comfortable pace can help you avoid awkwardness and build trust. It also gives you a chance to learn how to enjoy the moments when nothing is happening.

One of the best ways to get through the awkward stage in a new relationship is to spend more time together. You can go on dates, have sleepovers, watch movies – anything that helps you feel close to each other.

It’s also important to be patient when it comes to texting and talking. Don’t be afraid to take a step back if you find yourself becoming clingy or obsessing over what your date has posted on social media. Getting professional help from an online counselor or therapist is another option that can be beneficial. A therapist can help you work through issues that may be contributing to your anxiety and avoid awkwardness in the future.